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3 Important Upcoming Events

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Common Bond Institute is proud to be among a diverse and growing coalition of organizations across our country joining and working toward the same purpose of bringing people together from “all sides” to heal the divides and polarization in our society by tapping into the power of compassion and grass-roots solidarity.

The good news is that there are many such inclusive and mutually supporting initiatives, with even more continually being created both locally and nationally. Our true power for positive change is in linking our efforts and collaboration.

To contribute to a stream of events and initiatives occurring right now we encourage you to consider joining the immediately upcoming events listed here. More will be posted in the near future.

If you can’t join the Engaging The Other Conference or one of these other events in person we encourage you to follow the outcomes and emerging opportunities for involvement and support, and to consider joining those that resonate with you in some way – or to host an event or initiative in your community – to add your voice and energy. All who are drawn to this purpose are welcome.


Learn about more like-purposed initiatives here



1)     7th Conference on

“Engaging The Other:”

The Power of Compassion

April 13-15, 2018, Madison, Wisconsin

  • Address rising polarization and animosity in our society
  • Advance a wider, inclusive public dialogue about toxic images of “Us and Them,”
  • and Promote compassionate, collaborative remedies and healing in our relationship with a perceived “Other.”




Listen First Project Logo.png 

  Listen First in Charlottesville


April 20–22, 2018 ~ Charlottesville, Virginia


Presented by Bridge Alliance Education Fund

  • To support the continued healing and reconciliation in Charlottesville.
  • To inspire America toward mending our frayed social fabric by bridging divides with conversations that prioritize understanding.





 Bridge Summit USA


April 20-22, 2018 ~ Dallas, Texas


BridgeUSA is hosting the Bridge Summit in Dallas as an important gathering of highly influential business, political, civic, and student leaders philanthropists from across the political spectrum. The summit aims to bring together people from various backgrounds for the common goal of reuniting our democracy.