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8th Annual International Conference on
Transgenerational Trauma

October 24-26, 2019


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Registration Policy:

[learn_more caption=”READ OUR REGISTRATION POLICY”] Registration Policy for Program Fees: * In keeping with our philosophy of working to minimize the economic disparity between countries as much as possible and reduce this barrier to participation, all Program Fees are based on participant’s citizenship and current residence. Those from higher developed economies pay the Regular program fee rate. This allows us the flexibility to offer significantly Subsidized (discounted) program fee rates to low income participants from lower economies who have little or no ability to pay. A list of countries with higher developed economies that pay the Regular fee includes but is not limited to: USA, Canada, European Union and Western Europe, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, China, Taiwan, and South Korea. * All Discounts and subsidies apply only to the Program Fee. All Accommodations, Meals, and other out-of-pocket expenses, are necessarily at the same rate for all participants (See below). We operate on the honor system and appreciate your cooperation and support in providing accurate information at registration to allow this intent to be successful and assist those in need. [/learn_more]


Before you Register – Select the Status That Applies to You:

[learn_more caption=”PLEASE CHECK YOUR REGISTRATION STATUS!”] Select the status that applies to you: 1. Regular Fee Participants: Are you a citizen or current resident of one of these countries? USA, Canada, Western Europe, Kuwait, United Arab Emirites, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, China, Taiwan, and South Korea. > If so, continue to follow the detailed registration guidelines below on this page for Regular Fee registrations. 2. Subsidized Fee Participants: If you are NOT a citizen or current resident of any of the above countries, the Conference Program Fees listed below may be lower for you. (All other fees are the same). In that case, please contact us directly to inform us of your country to determine the subsidized program fee, and to register for any hotel accommodations wished, at: or 1-269-665-9393 (USA) > Subsidized fee participants only should click here for the separate Subsidized Registration Form to be used __________________________________ 3. For All Registrations from Jordan Only: > Please contact Samer Zughul in Amman directly at:  Phone: 00962 79 9163350 _________________________________[/learn_more]


Review Conference Fee and Your Options:

[learn_more caption=”REGULAR FEES AND OPTIONS”] Regular Conference Fees and Options: (NOTE: If you are NOT a citizen and resident of one of the countries listed above under “Select the Status the Applies To You,” then a different subsidized program fee rate may apply. In that case please use the Subsidized Registration form link found above and contact CBI for more information on program fees at: or 1-269-665-9393) IMPORTANT DATES: By September 24, 2019 – Early Paid Registration: $25 discount off full program fee From Sept. 24 to Oct. 24 – Regular Registration: Fees are at regular posted full program rate Oct. 12 : Any payments by check must arrive at CBI office in US by this date. After this date pay by PayPal or wire. October 24-26 : Conference Program ________________________________________________________ Three Fee options below are for:    1)  $661   Conference and Hotel Package    2)  $395  Conference Program Only    3)  $  28  Farewell Dinner Party ( See Student discount and other Special Category Discounts listed below) ________________________________________________________ 1) 3 day/3 night Conference and Hotel Package * (Conference Program with Room & Full Breakfast – Retaj Hotel) $ 661  3-day Conference Hotel Package: October 24-26       (Price Includes all taxes and service fees) * The conference program begins on the evening of Oct. 24. If you wish to check in to the hotel prior to Oct. 24 or stay beyond Oct. 26 please contact us to reserve any additional hotel nights. Includes: Conference Programs and all conference services listed below under “Conference Program Only,” 3 nights shared occupancy room **, full buffet breakfast, unlimited Internet in room, and all conference hotel amenities (see hotel amenities) ** NOTE: this rate is for a Double occupancy shared room. Single room requests add $25 per day (i.e. $75 for 3 nights). Please Note: If you wish a double and a roommate is not listed we will first attempt to match you with a roommate. However if none is available the single room rate will necessarily apply.

Check-in is 3:00 pm Thursday, October 24 Check-out is by noon Sunday, October 27

Additional nights at hotel: This room rate is also available for purchasing additional nights prior to and after the conference dates for participants who must arrive earlier or leave late, if booked through Common Bond Institute. If you wish more or less nights please contact us for fee details and to book at the conference rate. Advance notice is needed to hold rooms for any additional dates. * All arrangements for conference accommodations and conference meals at the special conference rate and room block availability are handled directly by Common Bond Institute. Rate and availability are not offered outside the conference room block. ________________ 2) Conference Program ONLY: (For those who do not want accommodations). Please notice the above hotel room, meals, and related services are not included under this option. All Meals are additional: see separate meal purchase below. $ 395 3-day combined Conference Programs ONLY: October 24-26 Includes: Conference Programs, coffee breaks, interpreters, materials, all site management & support services). ________________ 3) Farewell Dinner Party Purchase: Price includes all taxes and service fees     $ 28 ( 20 JD) NOTE: Hotel rooms and meals are at the same rate for all participants.[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”DISCOUNTS AND SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE”] DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE (off of Regular Full Cost Conference Program Fee only): A) Early Registration: $25 off Regular Full Cost program fee by 9-24-19 (see above) B) Presenters: receive 20% off Program Fee (excludes hotel & meals) C) Full-Time Students: $100 off Regular Full Cost program fee. Proof of current full-time status required at registration and at on-site check-in. D) Groups: $20 discount each off Regular Full Cost program fee only for groups of 3 or more registering together (at the same time). E) Discount for generating additional Full Cost registrations: To assist in our efforts to subsidize attendance from economically impoverished societies, we offer a $30 discount to individuals for each additional FULL COST Regular or Student registration they generate (cannot be combined with Group discount “D”). Registrants should list your name & address on their form to qualify you for discount. Rebates are given after all final payments are received. Note: Contact Common Bond Institute for information on options D and E All discounts are with proof of status at registration and check-in. _____________________________________________________ Tax Deductible Contributions to Scholarships: * The Conferences are principally funded through registrations. To assist in promoting important diversity of participation and accessibility, we make every effort to include students and low income representatives from developing countries by providing scholarships and subsidies to these. To assist in this effort, we encourage and appreciate donations to our subsidy fund. Contributions are Tax Deductible for US taxes and can be made by check, PayPal (which includes credit card), or wire transfer to: the International Humanistic Psychology Association, a US 501(c)3 federal nonprofit. Contact Common Bond Institute directly for all donation details at: 1-269-665-9393 or In addition, organizations are encouraged to sponsor attendance by their representatives and members of populations they serve. * A donation of: $ 295 allows 1 student or low income attendee to fully participate in the 3 day program. $ 323 allows them to also receive all lunches, dinners, and the farewell dinner party.[/learn_more]


How To Register
(After Confirming Above Registration Status):

[learn_more caption=”REGISTER FOR THE CONFERENCE”]


(please submit a separate registration for each participant)

THREE OPTIONS FOR REGISTERING:      Option 1 » Register On-Line      Option 2 » Register by E-mail      Option 3 » Register on-site at conference (only available as space allows) ____________________ Option 1 » Pre-Register On-Line through Eventbrite (see instructions below): Conveniently and securely register through the Eventbrite on-line registration service and make payment through PayPal * on-line banking service – with immediate processing and confirmation. PayPal offers credit card and E-check withdrawl options. (There is a modest service fee added by Eventbrite for on-line registrations). The gold button link below will take you to the secure Eventbrite On-Line registration form Please PRINT a copy of your full registration, including fee and meal selections, for future reference. Steps to Register and Pay fees On-line: 1) Select the gold “Click To Register On-Line” button below to go to the Conference Registration Form on the Eventbrite registration site. 2) Make your FEE Selections, then CONFIRM selected items before clicking “Order Now” (for items you do not wish simply choose “none” in the list of options). 3) Complete the additional requested information on the 2nd page and click “Continue” to be taken to the PayPal website for payment. 4) Process your PAYMENT securely through PayPal by credit card or bank account withdrawl. A full, detailed summary of fees selected will be provided to you by PayPal at this final stage of registration payment. This will be your Fee Payment Receipt and Confirmation. Please PRINT this receipt for your records and bring it with you to the conference check-in on-site for any verification if needed. * Any questions regarding using PayPal can be directed to their PayPal help line at: 1-888-221-1161 Eventbrite - 8th Annual International Conference on "Transgenerational Trauma" __________________ Option 2 » Pre-Register by E-mail: To Submit form by Email: Click here for the Email version of the Regular Registration form to copy and paste into an Email to complete and return to us at: You may also contact CBI to request the Email version of the form be sent to you. Payment can be made by either of the 3 options listed below, including on-line via the PayPal button (under “Pay Your Conference Fees” below). __________________ Option 3 » On-Site Registration: NOTE: this option is only available as space allows. Payment on-site must be in cash (US dollars or Jordanian JD only) or by travelers check. We recommend pre-registration to offer you the most options and predictability.

 * Registrations for hotel rooms must be in advance to ensure availability of rooms.[/learn_more]


Paying Your Conference Fees:

[learn_more caption=”PAY YOUR FEES”] Paying Your Conference Fees FOUR OPTIONS FOR PAYING: (all options currently available) Option 1 » Payment through PayPal Online Banking Option 2 » Payment by mailed check, money order, or travelers check (in US dollars). Option 3 » Payment by wire transfer Option 4 » Payment on-site at conference (*cash or travelers check only – US dollars or Jordanian JD only)

Option 1 » Payment can be made by PayPal Secure Internet banking for ALL registration options, including Email. Simply click the blue PayPal button link below to go directly to our account with PayPal and see full details on how to use this secure service for your fee payment (including credit card and bank account withdrawl options). – If you use the above Eventful on-line registration process you will automatically be taken to our account on the PayPal website at the end to make payment (as described above). – You can also pay by PayPal if you use the Email registration form. If needed, the PayPal help line for any questions is: 1-888-221-1161 A full detailed summary of fees paid will be provided by PayPal at completion of payment. This will be your Fee Payment Receipt and Confirmation. Please PRINT this receipt for your records and bring it with you to the conference. – If you register on-site your payment must be in cash or travelers checks (US dollars or Jordanian JD only), as access to the PayPal website in Jordan is limited and unreliable. ____________ Option 2 » Payment can be made by mailing fees directly to Common Bond Institute at the address below (* for non-USA participants use only cashier’s check, money order, or travelers checks – payable in US $ only) Please make all checks payable to: “Common Bond Institute Please note: Payment must be in U.S. funds and received by October 12 to allow time to record, deposit, and clear our bank. * If hard copy payment can not be received for deposit by October 12 please use the PayPal service or wire transfer for immediate verification of your payment in time for arriving on-site at the conference. PayPal accepts bank account withdrawls as well as credit cards. ___________ Option 3 » Payment by wire transfer (contact CBI for wiring instructions: ___________ Option 4 » Payment on-site at the conference – only by Cash or Travelers check, and only in US dollars $ or Jordanian Dinars JD, as access to the PayPal website in Jordan is limited and unpredictable.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration is not confirmed until payment is received, and hotel rooms and meals can not be reserved without advanced payment. Space in the conference and in the hotel is on an as-available basis.



[learn_more caption=”CANCELLATION POLICY”] Cancellations Refunds are given for cancellations received in writing by September 24, 2019, minus a $100 non-refundable administrative fee. After September 24 no refunds are possible. Assignments Are Possible: You may also assign your registration to someone else for participation at no charge (assignments must be made prior to the conference date by the original registering participant and confirmed in writing directly to Common Bond Institute).[/learn_more]


Tax Deductible Donation

to bring low income Students and Humanitarian Aid Workers

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