Invitational Training

For Clergy and Religious Teachers

in Psychosocial Symptoms and Treatment


October 21, 2018  ~  Amman, Jordan


Conducted and Sponsored by:
Michigan State University
Common Bond Institute,  and
International Humanistic Psychology Association

Partner Event of:

Parliament of World’s Religions  and  Charter For Compassion

This 1-Day Training Program Provides The Following:

[A]  Information on basic psychosocial symptoms, such as those related to trauma, to assist in identifying and understanding symptoms and behaviors in individuals encountered by spiritual leaders and teachers, including those seeking help due to severe psychological symptoms.

[B]  Basic responses and counseling skills that can be quickly learned and helpful to use in assisting those showing trauma and emotional difficulties.

[C]  Learning when a professional therapist is needed, and where and how to refer someone who needs more advanced psychosocial treatment to locally available professional services (including local therapists who are trained in trauma and psychosocial treatment by Common Bond Institute through it’s training programs).

[D]  Discussing unique situations and issues that come up in dealing with many who are suffering from psychological and emotional difficulties.

Who the training is for:
Participation is free, and intended specifically for invited religious leaders, scholars, and teachers*

All who complete the 1 day training will receive a Formal Professional Certificate from Michigan State University, Common Bond Institute, and International Humanistic Psychology Association

The Training Is Conducted By

Mental health professionals:

Farha Abbasi, MD, Psychiatrist, Developer of the clergy training program
Asst. Professor, Michigan State University, Department of Psychiatry
Steve Olweean, MA, Clinical Psychologist,
Director, Common Bond Institute
President, International Humanistic Psychology Association

With the assistance of:

Ayat Nashwan, PhD, Clinical Social Worker
Asst. Professor, Yarmouk University

Sponsored by:

Michigan State University (MSU)
Common Bond Institute (CBI)
International Humanistic Psychology Association (IHPA)

Official Partner of:

Parliament of World’s Religions and Charter For Compassion

Held in conjunction with:
Annual International Conference on Transgenerational Trauma (Jordan)

For further details Contact:

Steve Olweean, Director
Common Bond Institute
Ph/Fax: 1-269-665-9393 Email:
12170 South Pine Ayr Drive, Climax, Michigan 49034