Social Health Care

Coalition and Network

Working together for social healing and recovery



in cooperation with
International Humanistic Psychology Association (IHPA)
and an international consortium of professional organizations


Local Support and Cooperation

Partnering with and having the support and cooperation of local professional, educational, and humanitarian organizations and colleagues, as well as government authorities, is fundamental to our philosophy and essential to the success of the Social Health Care humanitarian relief program. Local universities, human service practitioners, community leaders and aid organizations are in support of the Social Health Care program as a permanent and growing service that promotes development of the local human service system, and are actively cooperating with our organization. University departments utilize the SHC training as part of their official internships programs. Along with them, a number of nongovernmental organizations and professionals in each country are currently collaborating to provide increasing numbers of committed volunteers and graduate students as trainees in the various fields making up the interdisciplinary model (primarily including psychology, psychiatry, social work, occupational therapy, physical therapy, special education, and psychiatric nursing).


Local Partners and Team Members

The SHC program is organized to operate in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, and Syria, in close collaboration with a continually growing coalition of committed local team members and partners in each country. Our dedicated local team leaders and partner NGOs represent the true human resources for successfully implementing and sustaining these vital psycho-social services in their societies.

Current Status of Social Health Care Program

The comprehensive trauma treatment and training program in immediate care, coping skills, assessment, and clinical treatment, and as well as service delivery skills, have been operating since 2013.
Our pool of expert trainers and faculty provide training sessions and ongoing clinical consultation to trainees once they begin delivering services, and provide advanced instruction to those designated for the Training of Trainers component.
A large pool of committed volunteers and graduate students in Jordan are receiving this 4-level intensive professional training through on-site training intensives and regular live virtual E-courses.
All trainees and interns assist our service team by providing direct services for a minimum amount of time as part of their academic and training agreement to receive the training at no cost
A growing consortium of accredited US universities, professional training institutes, and professional associations endorse and cooperate with SHC training program and the local universities we work with, and provide interns in the psycho-social disciplines to receive training and field experience.
Currently training and direct disaster health care services to refugees – both those dispersed throughout the societies and those in refugee camps – are conducted at various local sites, and we collaborate closely with local and international NGOs to support the development of the local human service system.
Resources are sought to fund continuing , expanding, and sustaining these programs. at local NGO and university settings


Cooperation with International
Organizations and Efforts

Common Bond Institute (CBI), and the International Humanistic Psychology Association (IHPA), are committed to a philosophy of active cooperation and collaboration with organizations and groups in jointly addressing the critical needs of victims of communal trauma due to violence and catastrophe, particularly in regions where human services are greatly limited or essentially nonexistent. We wish to acknowledge the cooperation and involvement of those professional training institutes and individual colleagues across the globe who graciously contribute volunteer trainers and in-kind services to these vital programs.
Given the overwhelming need and time-critical nature of conditions entire communities are living under, working together at every opportunity to assist in the success of these efforts is imperative.


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