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Brief Survey

Mental Health Service Needs And Access
For Non-English Speaking Refugees

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Common Bond Institute, International Humanistic Psychology Association, and a consortium of professional mental health groups and organizations, are conducting an assessment in Michigan and other selected states hosting refugees, to determine mental health treatment needs and available services for non-English speaking refugees being resettled in the US. * The target group ranges in age from young children to adults.


As part of our assessment, health care services in regions with a concentration of host communities are being asked to assist by completing this survey to allow us to gather data that will assist in better developing a national tele-therapy service delivery system to meet this growing need.


Many refugees arrive from regions of war and violence suffering from significant mental health symptoms, including psycho-emotional trauma, with no access to treatment due to language and cultural barriers. As a result, the lack of treatment critically undermines their ability to successfully resettle, with serious implications for refugees and the communities hosting them.


The purpose of our nonprofit network is to initiate a national tele-therapy service that provides treatment in the language and cultural orientation of refugees being resettled in the US and Canada.


Your help in taking a moment to complete this very brief survey to assist us in determining the level of need and available resources in your community for this highly at-risk and unserved population is greatly appreciated.
It is estimated the survey will take less than 1 minute.


* No personal data on refugees or staff who complete the survey is requested.


An overview of the Teletherapy For Refugees initiative, where the need and proposed response to this need are detailed, is available through our Common Bond Institute website at:
On-going updates on progress toward implementing the 1st pilot project will be posted through this same site.


Contact: If you would like further information or wish to submit comments please feel free to contact us at:


Steve Olweean, MA, Director, Common Bond Institute:  
Representatives are also available to speak with groups of interested staff to answer questions and provide more details.


Assessment of Contacts With At-Risk Refugees


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