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M M H Conf. Program Ad – Order Form

Order Form

On-Site Conference Program Ad

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Muslim Mental Health Conference

October 20, 2018  ~  Amman, Jordan

We invite you to place an advertisement in the 2018 on-site program and support this effort at the same time. Funds generated by ads support our scholarship fund to bring students to the conference who otherwise could not attend.

All conference participants receive copies of the program to share with organizations, agencies, and groups in their communities. In addition to the more than 100 organizations internationally that cooperate with the MMH Conference, the program is distributed to relevant organizations, associations, universities, peace studies programs, NGOs, and government offices, and is displayed at various international and national professional conferences throughout the year. A list of advertisers is also posted on our web site, and web links and logos are included if desired. Order of listing is determined by size of ad.

Relevant organizations, services, or individuals can advertise in the program. Ads can include information about the organization and endorsements of the conference or encouraging statements to conference participants.

Rates and Details

You may print the following form and mail it. Please type or print in the spaces provided clearly.

Organization or Individual Name: ________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________

Authorized Agent: ____________________________________________________________

Phone: _________________________________
Fax: __________________________________
E-mail: ________________________________
Web: __________________________________

Full Page:  7 ” X  9 3/4 ”      [   ] $600
1/2 Page:  4 ½ ” X  7 ”         [   ] $450
1/4 Page:   3 ½ ” X 4 ½ ”    [   ] $250
Business Card size:    2 ” X 3 ½ ”   [   ] $150

Special Discounted Fee for combined Tote Bag Ad and Program Ad (contact CBI for details)

TERMS: Please make full payment in advance with ads, payable to:
 Common Bond Institute  12170  S. Pine Ayr Drive, Climax, MI 49034 USA
Phone/Fax: 269-665-9393   Email:

[  ] PayPal    [  ] Money order    [  ] Cashiers Check    [  ] Check    [  ] Wire (contact CBI for wiring details).

(See PayPal button link to CBI account on conference registration page at: )

Note: Checks must be received by October 5 to allow time to clear our bank. After this date payment
must be by PayPal or direct wire.

Ads may be either:  Black and white with 100-line screen half-tones

~ or ~
Black and white with fine line detail

Ads to be submitted in “camera-ready” form to above address. You will be provided with a program copy.

METHOD TO SUBMIT:  “Camera-Ready” Ads can be submitted in one of these two ways:
– Prepared hardcopy and mailed to Common Bond Institute (see address above)

– Created on or scanned into a computer, in correct size, and attached as an e-mail file (see above Email)

* Ad must be received by October 10