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8th Conference on

Engaging The Other:

The Power of Compassion

April 13-15, 2018 ~ Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Conference Details at:

At a time when polarization is the true culprit
An inclusive, common-ground conference
respectful listening, dialogue,
and action to bridge the divide

JOIN US for an interactive, working conference to:

  • Address rising division, polarization, and animosity in our society
  • Advance an inclusive public dialogue about toxic images of “Us & Them”
  • and Promote compassionate, collaborative remedies and healing in our relationship with a perceived “Other.”

An opportunity to LEND YOUR VOICE, EARS and ACTION  to a gathering of various “sides” and “Other” identities engaging together for 3 days of:

  • Developing a framework of trust,
  • Facilitating deep listening and constructive dialogue within a respectful space,
  • Increasing understanding and appreciation of different perspectives on meeting common needs and intentions,
  • Building a shared language to find commonalities and points of agreement,
  • Cultivating our capacity for genuine civic engagement, appreciation of diversity, and reconciliation,
  • Promoting collaborative action planning for shared aims and bridging the divide

~ Registration is Free and Open to All ~

 “An important, timely dialogue
…everyone needs be part of

* A participatory working conference that encourages all attendees to contribute. The program is made up of topical round tables, plenary dialogues, World Cafe, dialogue & action planning break-out groups, 2-way Global Links, and other interactive processes that lead to practical applications and collaboration beyond the conference.  Skilled facilitators bring their expertise and proven methods to add to the quality and effectiveness of a working community.

Sponsored by:
Common Bond Institute (CBI)
Edgewood College,

International Humanistic Psychology Association (IHPA)

Endorsed and Supported by:
Michigan State University (MSU) and
over 100 professional associations, organizations, and universities internationally

Official Partner of:
Charter For Compassion & Parliament of World’s Religions

Location:  Edgewood College

For DETAILS on Registration & Travel visit our website or CONTACT:

Common Bond Institute
Details at Website:
Steve Olweean, Conference Co-coordinator
12170 S. Pine Ayr Drive, Climax, MI 49034 USA
Ph/Fax: 1-269-665-9393 Email:

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