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International Conferences in 2016

In Jordan and Germany:

October 26-29, 2016

Amman, Jordan

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5th Annual International Conference on

Transgenerational Trauma:

Communal Wounds and Victim Identities
See Details at:

2016 Program

The landmark Annual T T Conference is held each year in conjunction with:

1) A Disaster Health Care Field Clinic providing comprehensive Psychosocial, Medical, and Dental services to the refugee population

2) An on-site intensive training in our Social Health Care (SHC) training and treatment program in trauma recovery – intended for local trainees assisting refugees. Trainees attend conference workshops as supplements to the training curriculum. As a result, presenters have opportunities to contribute directly to the knowledge base of these highly motivated service providers. Details about the SHC program are at:

3) Center for Healing, Recovery, and Renewal – A comprehensive community mental health based service and intentional supportive community offering a broad range of interrelated activities housed within a positive, stable residential environment preparing refugees for recovery and independence.

* Clinics and Trainings are conducted immediately before or after the conference dates each year.


November 1-3, 2016

Freiburg, Germany

International Conference on

Refugee Crisis

in Europe and the Middle East:

Sharing Tools for Humanitarian Response
~ Call For Proposals ~

A new 3-day international working conference bringing key stakeholders together to address:

– The current forced migration crisis in Europe

– Immediate psycho-social treatment needs of refugees arriving traumatized by war, violence, and the exodus

– The dynamics of trauma and displacement in the individual and community

– The support needs of societies and communities receiving refugees

– Developing practical, culturally sensitive humanitarian responses to the growing need, and formulating recommendations to policy makers.
What is working, what is not working

– Networking to promote the development of a cross-cultural network of humanitarian aid organizations and groups addressing the refugee crisis in Europe and the Middle East for mutual support and cooperation.

– Public policy recommendations

– Launching the German-Jordanian Cross-Training project: a bi-regional response and collaboration between German and Jordanian mental health professional groups to provide culturally adapted psychosocial treatment services to the refugee population in each country.



Additionally in Germany:
– A separate 1-day invitational session in Freiburg on November 5

Psychosocial Seminar for Clergy and Religious Teachers
– to provide basic intervention skills, assist in identifying symptoms and those in need of professional psycho-social services, and promote cooperation and support among religious leaders.
For information on attending please contact:
In the US – Steve Olweean:
In Germany – Wolfgang Roth:




Sponsored by:
Common Bond Institute (CBI)
Co-sponsored by:
Michigan State University (MSU)
Friends of Asylum in Freiburg
City of Freiburg Office for Migration and Integration
International Humanistic Psychology Association (IHPA)
International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA)

Endorsed by:
An international list of over 100 cooperating organizations and universities

Official Partner and Event of:
Charter For Compassion and Parliament of World’s Religions


“If there is any culprit it is fear and ignorance defined as evil. While the task of overcoming evil at every turn can be daunting for mere humans, there is great hope for finding practical solutions for overcoming fear and ignorance. ”
…. Steve Olweean
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