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Hopelessness is not an option,
when you can make an immediate difference for a child.

Profound sadness, despair, fear, and anger permeate the lives of hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugee children who have witnessed untold violence and cruelty toward loved ones, and often toward themselves. Their lives are uprooted and replaced by day to day loss and insecurity with no hope in sight, and no understanding of why the world has become such a dangerous place, or why the adults of the world are unable to change it.

Child before healing work

Shadi was sitting in his mother’s lap when we first met him, completely shut down, motionless, avoiding eye contact, with a perpetual facial mask of despair.

Child before healing work

Noor was withdrawn and fearful of others, with frequent and increasing angry, aggressive outbursts, externalizing the violence she’s been exposed to.
Over the days of working with them in our disaster health care field clinic in Jordan, through holding, play therapy interactions, and gradual trust building techniques, there was a noticeable shift toward health.Shadi began to first engage us with his eyes, and then open up to more touch and connection with those around him. Noor became less guarded, sullen, and volatile and allowed herself to interact more freely and positively with others, and to look forward to our coming each day.

The four-year Syrian conflict is older than either of them, and each has lost their father to it. But with enough consistent care and compassion they can heal, regain trust and resilience, and gradually even experience joy.
Our team of volunteer expert trauma therapists provides life-saving, on-the-ground health care services in Jordan – while at the same time building local capacity to sustain and continually expand this healing service by training scores of local trauma therapists in a region where there is virtually no mental health service system for those who are highly traumatized.



Our work is 100% dependent on donations to sustain it. All donations go directly to program services. Please consider a tax-deductible donation to help us continue this vital humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable of victims. To donate, visit our GlobalGiving campaign page Social Health Care for Healing Syrian Refugees.


Social Health Care for Healing Syrian Refugees is a partnership between International Humanistic Psychology Association, a U.S. 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and Common Bond Institute.

To learn more about the Social Health Care humanitarian program, visit our webpage.

Speakers are available upon request to share awareness of the plight of refugees and our services.
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