Selected Chapters, Articles,

Commentary, and Food for Thought

That Speak To the Mission of CBI



Chapter:  Whole Person Approaches In Individual and Communal Healing of Trauma
Author: Steve Olweean
  From:  Integrated Care of the Traumatized: A Whole-Person Approach

Chapter:  Wounded and Uprooted: Seeking Refuge in the Land of Others
Author: Steve Olweean
2018   From:  Refugees and Migrants in Law and Policy: Challenges and Opportunities for Global Civic Education

   Healing and Peacebuilding After War: Transforming Trauma in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Author: Steve Olweean

Chapter:   A Recurring Global Syndrome: Challenges in Treating an Epidemic of Communal Trauma
Authors: Steve Olweean, M.A. and Myron Eshowsky, M.S
2017    From: Why Global Health Matters: How To (Actually) Make The World A Better Place

Chapter:  Common Bond Institute: Vision and Journey

Author: Steve Olweean
2009    From: The New Humanitarians: Inspiration, Innovations, and Blueprints For Visionaries

Article:   When The Shadow Surrenders The Form

October, 2003
Author: Steve Olweean

Article:  Reality War

April, 2003
Author: Steve Olweean

Chapter:  When Society is the Victim

Author: Steve Olweean
2003   From: The Psychological Impact of War Trauma on Civilians: An International Perspective

Article:  Journey Through Conflict
December, 2002
Author: Steve Olweean


Article:  Something To Trust In
October, 2002
Author: Steve Olweean


Chapter:  Psychological Concepts of “The Other:”
Embracing The Compass Of The Self
Author: Steve Olweean
November, 2001   From: The Psychology of Terrorism: A Public Understanding

Article:  Their World Is Exploding
Sept. 24, 2001
Author: Steve Olweean


Letter:   Letter to The President
Sept. 17, 2001
Author: Steve Olweean


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