Social Health Care

Disaster Health Care Field Clinic

Comprehensive Field Clinics Providing

Psycho-social, Medical, and Dental services


in cooperation with
International Humanistic Psychology Association (IHPA)
and an international consortium
of professional health care organizations


Providing healing services while building local capacity:
Our field clinics, are designed to achieve two vital purposes:

1) To provide direct treatment services to as many refugees as possible, and coordinate follow-up care to existing and developing local services, and

2) To provide invaluable modeling of treatment skills and direct field supervision to our SHC trainees using skills learned in the SHC training program, to prepare them for increasingly delivering these health care services on a more frequent and sustained basis.

A Shared Philosophy
Consistent with Common Bond Institute’s commitment to peer collaboration for maximized efficiency and effectiveness in providing multiple areas of health care services to the largest number of refugees, CBI strategically partners with like-minded humanitarian NGOs to combine needed treatment specialties for a concerted and coordinated effort.

Partners With Proven Track Records Bring Essential Elements Together
CBI partners in conducting several free, week-long field clinics held throughout each year in Jordan. In each of these clinics CBI provides psychosocial services while our partners provide medical and dental services. In the near future we are planning to add basic elementary education and vocational training to this list of combined services.

Collaborative Referral and Follow-up with Local Service Providers
To support continuity of care, on-going referral relationships are established with cooperating local health services providing aid to the refugee community and low income residents of the host country. Through these referral relationships we receive additional referrals for the scheduled week-long clinics, and make referrals for needed follow-up contact after each clinic. CBI team members maintain contact with cooperating agencies to ensure referrals are completed. Staff from participating local NGOs and hospitals are also among our pool of SHC trainees, as well as on our clinic team, which allows for added benefits for local capacity building.

Continuity of Care and Support to Local Health Services
Detailed information on local and international humanitarian services available to refugees in Jordan and underserved Jordanian citizens is being compiled to expand on existing data bases for a more comprehensive Resource Directory. This Resource Directory will be accessible both on-line and in hardcopy, and will be regularly updated. In addition to it’s use by our clinic team members as an invaluable aid to referral, coordination, and follow-up services, it will be made available to local and international NGOs to support their efforts, increase overall knowledge of on-the-ground services, and promote increased cooperation and coordination.



to Support This Critical Humanitarian Effort

Make a Tax Deductible Donation (for U.S. taxes) in support of providing these critical services to refugees through our partner non-profit organization: International Humanistic Psychology Association (IHPA)