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The 4th area of CBI’s activities has to do with research and professional writings focused on the central topics and issues addressed in CBI’s conferences, most notably communal trauma and transgenerational trauma.



is a collaborative project promoting concerted cross-cultural research and study of the dynamics of Transgenerational Trauma – inherited unresolved communal trauma into future generations, the implications for historical and present relations between communities, particularly war and violence, and the development of new models and methods for healing communal trauma to prevent it’s transfer as fuel for current and future animosity.

It is linked to the Annual International Conference on Transgenerational Trauma whose mission includes advancing the sharing of research, education, public awareness and understanding, consultation to governments and community leaders, and the development of innovative, effective, and culturally appropriate healing methodologies

One of the purposes of the Annual International Conference on Transgenerational Trauma is to serve as a regular meeting place for study group members.

* International Journal of Psychotherapy (IJP)

Special Issue Topic:

“Transgenerational Trauma and Psychotherapy”

Guest Editor:
Steve Olweean, Director, Common Bond Institute

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