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7th Annual International Conference on

Transgenerational Trauma:

Communal Wounds and Victim Identities

October 18-20, 2018 ~ Amman, Jordan

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An Interdisciplinary and Cross-cultural Conference that Offers:
* A Sharing of Skills – Training in proven, practical skills and applications in current real-world situations.
* A Search for New Models and Methodologies – Developing new culturally adapted models and methods at the large scale, societal level for healing communal trauma and preventing it’s transfer into future generations.
* A Focused Dialogue and Deliberation – Defining and addressing the multidimensional dynamics of inherited, unresolved communal trauma from one generation to the next, including historical understandings, development and perpetuation of communal victim identities and belief systems, effects on exclusive cultural membership and rites of belonging, war and violence, epigenetics, and implications for present and future relations within and between communities.

Among issues focused on in this year’s program is the growing refugee crisis in the Middle East and sweeping across Europe.

Transgenerational Trauma is an underlying and complex global syndrome that divides, polarizes, and perpetuates enemy images, has been a central basis for past conflict and war, and is a potent fuel for the eruption of violence in the present and future. Understanding it’s dynamics and implications, and developing ways to effectively treat and prevent it, are essential to healing and reconciliation within and between communities, promoting compassionate local and global relations, and achieving sustainable peace.

Format and Content:
* Practical Skills Workshops, * Topical Panels & Roundtables, * Breakout Sessions of Practical Presentations & Research, * Keynote speakers, * Facilitated Plenary Dialogues, * Facilitated Dialogue & Action Planning Groups, * Live 2-way Global Links, * All-conference Experiences, * Networking and Cooperation on Applications  * Multi-cultural, Interdisciplinary Learning Community,

Held in conjunction with conducting:

* The Social Health Care (SHC) training program – a model for equipping local psycho-social aid workers with practical, culturally adapted treatment skills to build local capacity for healing communal trauma and instilling confidence, empowerment, and dignity within the effected community.
* A Disaster Health Care Field Clinic providing comprehensive Psycho-social treatment services to refugees in Jordan.
* Continuing operation of community based pilot service programs as demonstration projects

* An Invitational Seminar for Religious Leaders and Teachers in basic psycho-social symptoms, helpful responses, and referral to professional psycho-social services.
* Community resilience building events, including distributions of donated teddy bears to refugee children and NGO’s for use in trauma recovery treatment.

* The Global Network for the Study of Transgenerational Trauma – a multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary professional network engaged in the study of inherited, unresolved communal trauma.
* And other related service projects.

Sponsored by:
Common Bond Institute (CBI)
Michigan State University (MSU)
International Humanistic Psychology Association (IHPA)
Yarmouk University (YU)
Queen Rania Center for Jordanian Studies and Community Service

International Federation of Medical Student Associations-Jordan (IFMSA)
Endorsed and Supported by:
over 100 professional associations, organizations, and universities internationally
Official Partner of:
Charter For Compassion & Parliament of World’s Religions

Official Conference Languages: English, with Arabic translation

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Common Bond Institute
Details at Website: www.cbiworld.org
Steve Olweean, Conference Co-coordinator
12170 S. Pine Ayr Drive, Climax, MI 49034 USA
Ph/Fax: 1-269-665-9393 Email: SOlweean@aol.com
Facebook: tinyurl.com/CBIonFB

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