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Now More Than Ever...

At a time of rising turmoil and polarization - a time that calls for new thinking, new vision, new understanding, and new ways of relating in an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world.

Who We Are and What We Do

Common Bond Institute (CBI) is a U.S. based Non-Governmental Organization that organizes and operates local capacity building training programs, disaster health care services, and conflict transformation conferences internationally, and assists newly emerging human service and civil society organizations in developing societies. It grew out of one of the first Soviet-American non-government human service exchanges initiated in 1982.

CBI is grounded in it’s commitment to local capacity building at the grass roots and social institutional level, and to collaboration. It’s focus is on increasing skills and services, exploring human consciousness and relationship dynamics, expanding public dialogue and awareness of critical issues, and social healing

Our Mission

Cultivating compassion and the fundamental elements of a consciousness of peace through conflict transformation and local capacity building for social healing are seen as natural, effective antidotes to hardship and suffering in the human condition, large group despair, and small group radical extremism. To this end, enabling each society to effectively resolve and transform conflicts, satisfy core human needs within their communities, and construct effective, holistic mechanisms for self determination, self esteem, and fundamental human dignity and worth to strengthen current and future generations is the purpose of our work.

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Global Network
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Transgenerational Trauma

A multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural professional network of associations, universities, and organizations engaged in the study of inherited, unresolved communal trauma, and the implications for violence and war within and between communities.   MORE


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Engaging the Other
Engaging the Other:

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